MDW 2022, the 10 installations not to miss

Toiletpaper Street, via Balzaretti
Toiletpaper Street, via Balzaretti

From the Olimpia Zagnoli’s joyfulness to Maurizio Cattelan’s irreverent graphics, which colonize entire façades, to Cristina Celestino’s delicate flowers contained in a little shop from another era. Our top ten

In the vortex of events that animate the city during the Salone del Mobile there are installations and ephemeral works meant to last only a few days. Designed by great architects and young talents, they have a strong communicative charge and get visitors involved on an emotional level too. But there isn’t much time left to see them all …

Florilegio, Cristina Celestino
Radaelli Fioraio, via Manzoni 16, @Brera Design District

An opportunity to (re)discover the historic Radaelli flower shop: a few steps from the quadrilateral of fashion, it has been open since 1886. In 1945 it was renovated based on Guglielmo Ulrich’s design, and is perfectly preserved by the owners who, among their customers, also counted Maria Callas and Grace Kelly. Cristina Celestino was inspired by the place to create her Florilegio, a staging where coloured vases, mirror surfaces and wall orchids (handmade in Colombia) embellish micro-living rooms designed as meeting places to take a breather during the Design Week. (ph. Lorenzo Gaioni)

Milano Design District
Via Durini and environs

The district contains the centre’s main design flagship stores, representing Made in Italy’s excellence in the furniture sector, which present their latest offerings in evocative and never-before-seen settings. B&B Italia (Via Durini 14), not taking part in the fair, presents, as has become its custom, the new products from its catalogue in its single-brand store, while over at Cassina (Via Durini 16) there’s a special installation designed by Patricia Urquiola on display. Porro (Via Durini 15), with the staging of Hide Hid Hidden reveals the latest creations by Piero Lissoni, GamFratesi, Wolfgang Tolk. Among the new openings, the Slamp showroom (Via Larga 2). Pictured, the Santa Cecilia Secret Forest promenade, a thin green strip 100 metres long made by Paghera, the result of the synergy between Antrax IT, Boffi/De Padua, Cappellini and Listone Giordano. (ph. Lorenzo Gaioni)

Forms and Textures, Masquespacio
via Confalonieri 11, @Isola Design District

The Spanish duo reflects on the boundaries between disciplines. Who is responsible for defining whether an object is considered a work of art or design? Is functionality the only reason to justify an object as an element of design rather than as a work of art? How much does the intention count? To demonstrate that creativity can be free from definitions, Ana Hernández & Christophe Penasse present the Forms & Textures line, objects that could be interpreted at first glance as a chair, a lamp or a divider, even if their unusual (and at first glance uncomfortable) forms make it clear that they are the result of research that transcends the boundaries of functionalism by focusing primarily on the colours and the tactile effects of the materials. (ph. Lorenzo Gaioni)

Masterly, the Dutch in Milano
Palazzo Turati, via Meravigli 7, @5Vie Art & Design

For the sixth consecutive year the Dutch have ‘colonized’ the historic Palazzo Turati to showcase the best of their national creative research. The staging of the courtyard is spectacular, filled with thousands of orchids and inhabited by Luca Boscardin’s zoo. An illustrator of children’s books and a toy designer, he has turned elementary drawings made with oil pastels into three-dimensional objects. The giraffe, the crocodile, the wolf and the gorilla are metal sculptures, but also elements for urban furnishing or playgrounds. (ph. Studio ZAZI)

The Art of Dreams Milano
Palazzo Clerici, via Clerici 5, @Brera Design District

To mark the Fuorisalone 2022, Porsche commissioned the botanical artist Ruby Barber of Studio Mary Lennox to make a site-specific work for the courtyard of Palazzo Clerici. The result is Everywhereness, a contemporary rose garden, a labyrinth made of buds and mirrors, which multiply perspectives that symbolize the contemporary world, in which nature and the hand of man seamlessly intermingle. (ph. Lorenzo Gaioni)

La scatola magica, Davide Rampello
The Hall of the Caryatids, Palazzo Reale, Piazza Duomo 12

To mark its 60th edition, the Salone del Mobile chooses an original approach for presenting itself to the general public, in a way that goes beyond institutional communication. Thus was born the immersive installation in the Hall of the Caryatids, a monumental ‘camera obscura’ where you can watch the projection of 11 shorts created by Italian directors that showcase, each with their own narrative style, the event’s symbolic words such as business, culture, young people and system. Executive production is overseen by Rampello & Partners Creative Studio.

Daniele Ciprì, Milano
Daniele Ciprì, Milano
Claudio Giovannesi, Cultura
Claudio Giovannesi, Cultura
Gianni Canova, Giovani
Gianni Canova, Giovani
Wilma Labate, Progetto
Wilma Labate, Progetto

Hypernova, Sara Ricciardi for glovia Tortona 27, @Superstudiopiù

A colourful labyrinth that takes its name from a star and recreates an energy vortex: Sara Ricciardi fuses botanical elements, animals, machinery and electronic components in her Hypernova. The mirrors and lights multiply the spaces and create a kaleidoscopic effect within a small environment that appears to become infinite. (ph. Lorenzo Gaioni)

Toiletpaper Street
via Balzaretti

In Città Studi, where Toiletpaper has its headquarters (Via Balzaretti 4), Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari reproduce some of the most important graphics from their magazine on the façades of the buildings next to the now iconic ‘lipsticks house’. The result is Toiletpaper Street Dreamed with Organics by Red Bull, a permanent urban art intervention, with designs perfectly inserted between balconies and windows. (ph. Lorenzo Gaioni)

Cariatidi Contemporanee, Olimpia Zagnoli
Circolo Filologico Milanese, via Clerici 10, @Brera Design District

With her pop aesthetic and her saturated colours, the Emilian artist draws stylized caryatids and abstract shapes for the façades of the Circolo Filologico Milanese (Milanese Philological Society). Inside the building, in the heart of the Brera District, is the group show Design Variations 2022 by Moscow Partners. (Ph. Lorenzo Gaioni)

Tunnel 38-60, Magazzini Raccordati di Stazione Centrale, via Sammartini

From an idea by the architect Andrea Caputo and with the support of Nhood, the Central Station’s old warehouses will be transformed into a more than ten-thousand-square-metre centre of architecture and design, divided into 28 tunnels with workshops, 3D printers, a library and services for architects and designers. The spaces can be visited as part of a preview for the Fuorisalone (until 19 June), with a schedule of talks and installations. Most notably an exhibition dedicated to Ricardo Bofill, who recently passed away. The official opening is scheduled for spring 2024. (ph. Delfino Sisto Legnani)

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